Who’s Plan?

I left Indiana with every intent of coming to the Bay Area to find work, and save money so I can then move on to LA in January. But, I don't think that was God's plan for me. After Raechel left ... Read more »

Give Them Your Time

About a month ago, I was at the beach, and a lady came up and started talking to me. She had been through a lot in her life. A car wreck that severely disfigured her. Her husband shot and killed ... Read more »

Gotta Have Faith

Oh I guess it would be nice... if I could touch your body... I know not... Wait a minute... I'm not George Michael. I keep forgetting that for some reason. Lol I've been in California for a little over a month, and ... Read more »

Panorama of The San Francisco Bay

Living in the Bay Area is a blast. On May 1, at around 7AM Pacific Time, I got up early, and shot a Panorama, of the Bay Area, from The Crest of Point Richmond. I used my Nikon D3100, shot ... Read more »

Settling Down in Richmond

I've been in the East Bay for a couple of weeks now, and so far I really love it. People are generally friendly, and there is a great cultural and artistic side to the region. I spend most of my time ... Read more »

I finally made it…

After five days of traveling, I finally made it to San Francisco. The first place I visited was the ever famous Haight-Ashbury district. And I wasn't disappointed. It lived up to everything I had read about. It was now a ... Read more »

San Francisco or Bust

When life hands you lemons... sell your stuff, pack your bags, and roadtrip across country. Seems a little brash huh? Well, that's just what I'm about to do. I'm heading to the land where the nights are chilly, and the ... Read more »