Panorama of The San Francisco Bay

SF Bay Panorama May 1, 2014Living in the Bay Area is a blast. On May 1, at around 7AM Pacific Time, I got up early, and shot a Panorama, of the Bay Area, from The Crest of Point Richmond. I used my Nikon D3100, shot in full RAW format. In total there were 43 photos that went into this. The photos were shot in landscape in 3 rows, with various shots going across. I edited them in Adobe Camera Raw, and merged them from Bridge into the full size Panorama you see here.

To download the full size, checkout this link:

Full Size Panorama via Dropbox

The file is about 65MB.

The pixel dimensions are: 23695 x 5386

Click the link below to view the labeled version, so you can see what is where:

Labeled Version

I’ve taken many more photos of the area, and will continue to photograph what I find interesting. I’ll eventually get them all posted, once I have faster internet, and a stable income.