Gotta Have Faith

Oh I guess it would be nice… if I could touch your body… I know not…

Wait a minute… I’m not George Michael. I keep forgetting that for some reason. Lol

I’ve been in California for a little over a month, and it has been one of the most challenging times of my life. I’ve been low on funds, often  lacking of food, and just mentally and emotionally exhausted for much of my time here. In that time, I’ve been looking for work in the field of visual communication, but haven’t had much luck. I had pretty well given up hope, and decided to attempt to sell my soul to corporate America.

Even corporate America wouldn’t take me, which was fortunate for me, because I finally networked with one Mr. Kin Wong of Veteran Stone Inc. Mr. Wong was in need of someone to make videos for his Veterans Memorial project. I had no real video portfolio to show him, but he took a chance on me. For this project, I’m not getting anywhere close to my normal rate, but I am drawing enough money to survive on. And I know and have faith that this project will lead to bigger things.

One of those bigger things is more memorial videos, some in more upscale communities, where I’ll be able to charge my full rate. And also, Mr. Wong has a lot of connections, and I’ll be networking with many of them in the coming weeks. I’ve already networked with a guy who runs a television studio in San Francisco. He saw a bit of my work, and says he looks forward to working with me. That’s one of the most flattering feelings ever. I hope to work with him soon, as well.

I only have one person to thank for this…. And that’s God above. He put the right people in my life. He didn’t let me get these other jobs, because he had this in store for me, all along.

Gotta have faith, gotta have faith, gotta have faith… Baaabbbyyy