Who’s Plan?

I left Indiana with every intent of coming to the Bay Area to find work, and save money so I can then move on to LA in January. But, I don’t think that was God’s plan for me. After Raechel left me three years ago, I have been thoroughly discouraged with dating, I pretty well shut myself off to the whole dating scene. Shortly after arriving, a certain girl caught my eye. Apparently, she had her eyes on me as well.

Her name is Kat, and she is a real catch. Not only is she beautiful, but she has a wonderful personality… chill, laid back… and she has career goals similar to mine. She is a creative type and wants to break into acting, as well as film production. Currently she’s training to do voiceover work. We have so much in common, it’s more than a coincidence… God made our paths cross.

I met her family, and they are wonderful people. They are very family-oriented, constantly taking care of each other. They welcomed me in with open arms.

Last week, they invited me to Six Flags. While there, I asked her father for his permission and blessing to court his lovely daughter Kat. He was thrilled… said I made his day. It was there, in the butterfly garden that I worked up the courage to take Kat’s hand… and she clasped back. There were more butterflies in our stomachs than in the room.

Since then, we have hung out several times, and stayed up on the phone for 6 hours til the sun came up, playing 20 questions.

I’m so excited to be in this relationship, and I can’t wait to see where it will lead. I hope know we can help each other grow and reach our full potential. She is my motivation now.

In a few months, the question will come up from my Indiana friends, Mike and Mickie: Will I be going to LA with them? It’s still in the back of my mind. Perhaps that’s where Kat and I can both find work. I don’t know yet. Whatever I do, I belong with Kat, and I will stay at her side. And we’ll go wherever God leads us. Until then, I’ll be enjoying my time in the Bay Area with Kat.